Language is the most common networking tool, connecting people with enterprises and nations. At ARK Corporation, “Language” is the key to our activities. By drawing on our extensive capabilities, we are able to create future-oriented translation, editing, design and video production suited to the 21st Century. jod offers

Having specialized in industrial translations since first being founded in 1992 we can offer customers a high quality service that is backed up by our vast level of experience and proven track record in the field.

ARK Corporation, Ltd.

TEL: 03-3737-6205
Open: 9 a.m. to 18 p.m. Closed: weekends and national holidays

3-25-5 Naka-Rokugo, Ota-ku, Tokyo 〒144-0055



About our translation service

At ARK Corporation, we have established an elite team whose rich skills have been dissected into research, translation, rewriting and editing functions. This yields a consistent product, providing a high level of properly understood, easy-to-read translations in the following languages and fields.

We also have high-added-value and extensive media services available that include tailoring translated data for use in PDFs, printed material, presentation tools and websites as well as primary use of the data.


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Design, DTP

We provide a complete range of documentation services from catalogs and company profiles to illustrations, logos and design layout (Windows/Macintosh).
Additionally, we also create presentation materials using Power Point.



Our services cover the range from instruction manuals, company profiles and product introduction to sales promotion and publicity to meet your requirements.


Trade Show Materials

Total support from customer specific promotion to booth design, setup and management.


Technical Writing

We have experienced technical writers available with sophisticated writing skills and highly specialized knowledge in cutting-edge technology, including the computer and IT fields, who fully understand the characteristics and functionality of products and that can take into consideration the cultural tastes and backgrounds of the target country in the creation of high-quality technical documents which are sure to meet the customer's targets and needs.


We provide comprehensive service and support in the planning, compilation and release of videos and CD-ROM, covering company profiles, product introductions, product promotions, publicity releases and sales promotions.



Crucial points when going onto the WEB are user stratification, easy-to-understand operation and rapid access to the desired page. Bearing these in mind, at ARK Corporation, we are able to consistently turn out enticing WEB sites.